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Specializing in Corporate Office Towers, MSC Status spaces, GBI Green Buildings, and Co-Working Spaces in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and prominent Malaysian areas.

Passionate about corporate leasing and sales. Contact us for detailed proposals, free consultations, or quick office space inspections.

Dedicated to saving your time, efforts, and costs in finding your dream office space efficiently.



More than 126  buildings!

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  • We have a comprehensive presence, spanning the ENTIRE market.

    Discover a range of corporate office spaces throughout Klang Valley, Malaysia. Our team has detailed information on numerous options. Try us today for your office space requirements!


  • We are dedicated to securing the BEST DEAL for you.

    With our vast experience and robust owner partnerships, we secure the best prices for you. Your satisfaction and cost-effectiveness are our main concerns.


  • We have FOUND the perfect office space for you.

    We understand your needs and pay close attention to your requirements. Our dedicated team carefully explores the market to find the best workspace for your business. Your satisfaction is our commitment.


  • Our services are completely FREE of charge!

    Our consultations and advice are free, with no obligations. Engage with us confidently, save time, and cut costs. Your satisfaction is our priority.



Our tenant-focused services are entirely independent and cover nearly every office building in Kuala Lumpur.

With extensive market knowledge, we prioritize delivering value to ensure your satisfaction. Many businesses have benefited from our expertise, making informed decisions.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a small business owner, reach out today to discover how we can assist you. Our services include: –


Corporate Relocation:

We assist tenants in finding the latest office space options and understanding market conditions. Our expertise lies in setting realistic goals amid the evolving market, uncovering hidden gems for informed decisions and optimal choices.


Tenant Representative:

We specialize in representing tenants, negotiating office rentals with experienced landlords. This tenant-focused approach guarantees tailored solutions. Contact us today to secure a superior office lease deal.


Tenancy Renewal:

We act as dedicated representatives for tenants, skillfully negotiating tenancy renewals with their landlords. Tenants may not always be aware of crucial factors in new agreements, leading to pitfalls. Our expertise ensures informed decisions, avoiding common issues and securing favorable renewal terms.


Landlord Representative: 

We specialize in landlord representation, securing optimal deals with tenants. Our advice covers crucial aspects beyond rental rates, ensuring well-informed decisions for the best possible terms.


Exclusive Marketing:

We provide tailored support for landlords, marketing their office spaces effectively. Our services include strategic planning and execution, attracting the right corporate tenants/buyers. With insights on market conditions, we help landlords maximize profits and achieve successful leasing or selling outcomes.


Contact us at +6012 – 273 8115 (Daniel Goh). Our dedicated team is ready to assist you professionally.

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